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This is the place for us to recognize people who push themselves forward with little or no help. They push themselves forward through their own effort, resource, and work. They rely on themselves for their own accomplishment. They achieve by themselves. Leveraging resources is acceptable so long as the person taking the action is accepting the total risk of loss.

This is open to anyone who, for instance, is starting a business, advancing on the job, recently reemployed, struggling to find higher employment, or has a successful small or medium sized business. It’s pretty open to all except those who are on the dole, welfare, or want recognition without putting in the work. That doesn’t take away from those who have achieved much. There is no attempt here to equate one achievement over another or disparage one job over another. Each accomplishment will be recognized individually and on its own merit.

Send us your story or nominate someone who has a story to tell. Write that story and submit to us for review. Or contact us and we’ll help you write it. Include a telephone number and email address so we can contact you if we need to.

If we accept your story, we’ll publish it in an upcoming edition of Crit22.


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