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I’ll be moving grit22.com to a new host over the next few days. I’m not sure what to expect as the experience so far has not been as advertised. My intention for the move is to improve the flexibility in giving you more content, a better platform, and make it easier for you to add your two cents worth about todays condition. It’s right up grit22’s alley.

So please be patient. I’ll keep the swear words on this side of the key board, and hopefully, we’ll be back online soon.

Thank you, Mike


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Grit 22

Non PC Commentary: Capitalism and Democracy are necessary to support and grow the Family. Faith is the glue that holds it all together. Faith in a Supreme Being, in Capitalism, in the Rule of Law, Property Rights, and in our Fellow Man. All other needs emanate from these. These American gifts make Achievement through Independence the greatest single human endeavor. Our Freedoms were not inherited. We must fight to keep them. Life was not intended to be easy, and when it becomes so, look around, something has gone wrong.

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