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President Obama

This is the first post here and it should set the tone for future posts and, hopefully, conversations with you. I encourage you to read and then comment; discuss the content of the topic posted. We’ll talk about the economy, capitalism, Big Business, Big Labor, Big Government, and little government. We’ll talk about the family, values, schools, healthcare, and other social issues. You can also offer suggestions for topics you’d like discussed. I do have plans for what I think will be a worthwhile project down the road a bit and I’ll need your help pulling it off. I’ll explain the concept in an upcoming blog.

I believe that recent events involving the Obama Administration are finally bringing our divided country together. We, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and others, are beginning to agree what many Americans already believe, that the presidency of Barack Obama has been very disappointing. The Senate has negotiated a bipartisan bill on immigration that might just work, and all without the President.

“Obama comes from a community organizer background where it’s us against them. But that’s not who we are. And that’s not the position the leader of our Nation should take.”   Dr. Benjamin Carson

Obama tried to be presidential but found it was not in him to be a nation’s leader. His spoken words, the lilt of his voice, have captivated and fooled many voters. His ‘coolness’ on TV shows enthralled the young and naive. He has likability. But he hasn’t won the heart of the country.

His Administration has continued to call for divisive ‘wars’ against Americans in an effort to isolate us from each other, to divide us, not unite us. He’s never given a speech that was filled with calm, reassuring, heartfelt, statements about all the people. Or one that inspired us to be better, be grateful, be confident, because of whom we are.

Maybe we’re spoiled from our past experiences. No, we expect more than what we’re getting from the man. His predecessors, when confronted with a serious matter of state, found a way to unite the people around a common goal. Those presidents did things like defining the prototype president and establishing the character of the position. Another kept the Union together after the Civil War, another rallied WWII’s generation to a world fight; many have fixed economic distress or civil rights, or the myriad of other issues we’ve faced as a nation. They’ve appealed to us and told us we could overcome the problem, giving us confidence. And we succeeded.

Obama’s experience as a community organizer is reflected in his leadership style in DC. He’s confrontational, single minded, doesn’t like negotiation, doesn’t listen well, and is willing to play any political card to get his way. As a community organizer, those traits may work well for a small group, but as our President, they haven’t worked for America. We expect more than a hungry pit bull straining to break his chain.

The community he worked in was full of needy people and his job was to help them get services. Fortunately, the country is not full of needy people, although that number has certainly grown under his leadership. The country is full of people who could have helped him, but he didn’t want their support. He and his minions had all the answers. He didn’t ask us or rally us around him. Instead, he used his community tactics in DC and found a lot of opposition. His political acumen weren’t up to the level of say JFK’s or LBJ’s or Reagan’s or even Carter’s for that matter.

His policies came from his education in a left-wing culture, not the traditions of America. Influences from failed philosophers such as Marx and Engels have heavily influenced him. His developmental years with a single mother, crafty entrance exams, and, by his own admission, a lot of pot smoking, indicate a less than stellar adolescence. He never held a ‘regular’ job in his life. He’s never had to be responsible for or to others, other than his immediate family.

As a result, he doesn’t understand what moves capitalism, what motivates people to do what they do. The economy is sluggish and weak. If it weren’t for the sequester, our debt would be larger this year. Social issues are decaying our core values, our military strength has weakened, our stature in the world has fallen, and many of the social and economic problems we had at his first inauguration are still with us and, in some cases, worse. The stimulus Band-Aid failed, government at all levels has grown, an American manufacturer was nationalized, and obamacare will ruin us.

More importantly, our trust in government and confidence in the defense of the Constitution has deteriorated. We’ve lost confidence.

I think the difference between Obama and his predecessors is that he lacks humanity, for lack of a better term. He seems to be above it all. He’s in his own world. Apart from us. A kind of arrogance. He has never done anything to command our respect. He hasn’t said something anyway close to ‘ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country’. He hasn’t had us build a dam or go to the moon or win a war.

Okay, he inherited a bad economy from Bush, but after five years, we’ve barely moved above that mark.  The unemployment rate is still above 10% and business is afraid to move forward. Bush didn’t do us any favors. The size of government grew under Bush but it leaped under Obama. And our freedoms have been seriously eroding under his watch due to increased government transgression. We have more regulation, in all three levels of government today, most devised by bureaucrats without representation, and a private sector that is nearly paralyzed.

Does the hair on his arms stand up when America the Beautiful is sung. I don’t think so. We’ve seen him bow to foreign dignitaries. We’ve heard him threaten a foreign leader with crossing a red line, and then do nothing when it’s crossed.

With the issues in the news today about the IRS’s corruption, the obamacare train wreck near, Benghazi undefended murders of Americans, Boston terror bombing, the government’s Justice Department stepping on AP’s First Amendment’s rights, the unanswered questions about the murdered Border officer on Fast & Furious, and the general corruption in the GAO and others for wasting millions on parties. How can we have any confidence in our president to lead us when he can’t run the government?

I’m interested in your input. I’d like to know if you think that President Obama has done a good job for the country. And if so, please explain. Do you think he’d be better working with the needy, in a poor community outside of Chicago? Do you think we can ever get our country back on track? Give me your input.


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